Tailor-made coverages

Thanks to their light, reliable and aesthetically pleasing designs, composite roofing can be made to measure.  It does not require any production downtime thanks to their quick installation and CP Composites’ attention to detail.


Spherical, flat or mobile coverage

Whether it be a water treatment works or in an industrial environment, CP Composite covers are an ideal solution. Resistant to climatic conditions and chemical corrosion, our covers can be adapted to all types of basins, new or renovated (decanters, filters, sludge silos, aeration basins, etc...). But above all, you will appreciate our maintenance friendly dismantling features for your unavoidable maintenance interventions.

We have also designed both a composite or stainless steel rail system for our moveable covers to adapt to any in-situ constraints.  

At CP Composites, each cover will be studied to help both parties determine the best possible structure, thickness and composition.